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We provide a 24 hour fitness community of nutritional guidance, one-on-one coaching, and the personal space to forge your own fitness.


We welcome everyone of all fitness levels. From beginners who are interested in learning and getting comfortable in this environment to famous athletes who require top of the line equipment unencumbered by crowds.


Physique Training

Performance Training

Lifestyle Training

We do not charge our Personal Trainers any fees or take a percentage of their earnings!


Nutrition Guidance

Meal Plans

Meal Prep

Macro Setting

Supplement Guidance & Discounts with local companies 


We are pleased to announce we offer workout programs for busy professionals! Text or call us to find out more. Prices range from $10-$50 depending on the needs of your lifestyle.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Living in Tampa, I realized how saturated it is with these large gyms. I was training at one of the common, well known facilities and hated the experience. The crowds, the lines for a single machine, and the general stuck up vibe. It was a miserable experience. It's nothing like I have experienced in my 7 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Over there, novice lifters could come in and feel comfortable while serious athletes could train without the constraints of overcrowding. This is why I decided to open The Forge, and make it the best gym in South Tampa. I wanted to recreate this atmosphere and bring it to my home town. I put everything I have into this gym and I take pride in being it's caretaker. 

- Tom

Client using our custom made wood jump box to exercise

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