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3 Steps to Improve Your Training

For your convenience we’ve highlighted the vital information, skip through as needed, or enjoy the read! 😊

Eat Before Your Workout

Who: The formula below works for both men & women

What: Here is the macro formula experts agree is necessary to fuel a 45 min or longer workout:

0.45g of Carbs per lb of body weight

0.23g of Protein per lb of body weight

0-20g of Fat per lb of body weight – I will cover how to adjust this later and highlight for those who don’t want to read the full post

When: 1 ½ hours prior to workout is optimal

Example: I will typically drink a protein shake, and pair it with oatmeal and a banana.

In the example I chose oatmeal because it digests much more quickly than other options and is simple to prepare.

For those eating 2+ hours prior to your workout, experts recommend consuming more fat and using slower digesting carbohydrates such as bread.

Example: I plan to workout at 3:30 P.M. but my lunch break is at noon. I would consume 0.45g of Carbs per lb of body weight, 0.23g of Protein per lb of body weight and push the fat to 18-20g. In this situation I would most likely have myself a PubSub. For my non-Florida people reading our go to supermarket is called Publix and they make delicious fresh cut sub sandwiches.

For those who have no appetite or find themselves in a rush on the way to the gym, something is better than nothing. Just make sure that something has carbs.

Example: Banana or rice crispy basically anything that’s mostly carb and that won’t slosh around in your stomach.

Where: If you did not like our recommendations, you can find so many recipes and quick snack ideas on YouTube or Instagram. Our page @theforgetampa posts and shares tips like these all the time!

Why: Food = Energy

Reduces production of Cortisol – The hormone that kills your gains

Improves protein synthesis

Improves performance during your workout

Take Your Pre-Workout Properly

Here are 5 steps to increase your performance when taking pre-workout

1. Shake the container – Your pre-workout formula is mixed with multiple important ingredients that each have a different weight. Over time the heavier particles will settle to the bottom, leaving you with uneven scoops.

2. Weigh your serving out – The scooper from the container should measure out an exact serving size but that is rarely the case.

3. Use water – With the increasing popularity of the dry scoop, it’s important to mention the body needs water to transport the performance enhancing ingredients.

4. Let your pre-workout sit for 30 minutes – This allows the solution to completely dissolve, increasing the time and amount of ingredients are absorbed for performance enhancement.

5. Drink 45 minutes BEFORE your workout – That is the estimated time most companies suggest to allow the body enough time to absorb the ingredients.

Take a Snack Break

This last step is vital if 1 or more of the following apply to you:

1. You would like to enhance performance during workout

2. Compensation for those in a caloric deficit

3. If you train more than 1 hour

4. If you prefer to train fasted or simply forgot to eat your pre-workout meal

Experts recommend consuming 0.5g of carbs for every minute you plan to workout past the 30-minute mark.

Example: A 1 ½ hour workout would require 60g carbs

You can consume your carbs through solid food or by drinking them.

Examples: Gatorade or Rice Crispy Treat

If you’re in a caloric deficit like me and do not want to spare the extra carbs, go buy yourself some BCAA’s and drink them starting at the 30-minute mark.

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