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Private Access
24/7 Neighborhood Gym
Local Veteran & Woman Owned 



Owners Thomas & Stephanie 


The person who has been most helpful in helping me overcome challenges and build and develop the essential skills, qualities, or knowledge needed for success is my wife, Stephanie.


She has been a driving factor in the success of The Forge and my personal and professional growth outside of the gym. I regularly seek her counsel in all aspects of my life, and I truly believe that I could not have accomplished half of what I have without her support.

Stephanie has been there for me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Her support has been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of running a business and pursuing personal and professional growth. I have her to thank for all my success.


I am grateful to have her as my wife and couldn’t imagine navigating the ups and downs of growing The Forge without her.


Veteran & Woman Owned

Living in Tampa, I quickly realized the saturation of large gyms in the area. I personally experienced the frustrations of training at one of these common, well-known facilities—crowds, long lines for machines, and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

It was a stark contrast to my experiences during my seven deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. In those environments, both novice lifters and serious athletes could train comfortably without the constraints of overcrowding, creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere. Inspired by this, I made it my mission to open The Forge, aiming to bring that exceptional gym experience to my hometown of Tampa.

Since its establishment four years ago, The Forge has continuously evolved.

Our primary focus now is to enhance the customer experience through technology. As a 24/7 gym, we understand the importance of providing customer service beyond traditional “office hours.”



The inspiration behind the Viking-themed Forge emerges from a blend of factors. Our vision for the Forge was born out of a desire to recreate the motivating atmosphere I encountered in various gyms throughout my deployments in the Middle East.

The strong sense of camaraderie within the military community often drew parallels with the valor and spirit of Viking legends, like the legendary hall of Valhalla. I must confess that during this creative journey, my reconnection with the series "Vikings" also played a role in shaping our brand's identity.


We aspire to infuse this energy into every aspect of the Forge, fostering a space that echoes the warrior ethos and unity that both military personnel and Viking lore symbolize.

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